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In June 2017 we hosted the first ever #SBIGJam ('So Bad it's Good' Jam). In this ranked, 7-day jam, individuals and teams strove to create a game that was so bad it's good. After 74 entrants, 28 entries, and 276 votes, 10 victors were picked out as the top rated games of the jam. 

10 - "Assteroids from Uranus" by andyman404

9 - "Spinnerotchi: The spin of your dream" by BottledMajesticness

8 - "paltfromer" by Viewtifulday

7 - "Child Simulator" by Shandy Pants Studios

6 - "Fantnasy Gaem" by  cubehero

5 - "Graveyard Shift" by Jasozz

4 - "Super Catch'Dem Munsters" by fatgirl

3 - "FPS²" by Campo Del Padre

2 - "Flying Bird Flyer Lazer Shoot and other stuff The Game" by HAUO

1 - "Crystal Captor: Memory Chronicle Finale" by Tofu Sheets Visual

All games are the properties of their respective owners. As requested by the #1 winner, the bundle will be paid, and all proceeds will go to the Make-a-wish foundation. 


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